Aug 7 2011

salată de sfeclă

Romanian cuisine is quite diverse due in part to it’s geographical position in Eastern Europe. It’s cuisine has evolved through influences from many invading nations including Turkey, Russia, Germany, and Hungary.

Some of Romania’s traditional dishes include; mamaliga (polenta), sarmale (cabbage rolls with rice and minced pork), eggplant salad (salată de vinete), salată de sfeclă (beet salad), and vişinată (a type of cherry liqueur, pronounced vi-she-na-tuh).

Although Romania is not a rich country, people take pride in the fact that they are able and willing to offer strangers the best they have and hospitality is often expressed through food.

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Jul 20 2011

bulgur wheat salad

In order to achieve an ‘al dente’ texture, boiling water is poured over the grains and allowed to steep. Apply the marinade while the grains are still warm – which allows for more flavor absorption.

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Jul 4 2011

macédoine of fruit

Macédoine of fruit is oh-so-French, but this fruit-cocktail dessert is also common throughout Spain, Italy, and Latin America.

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Apr 27 2011

strawberry spinach salad with chocolate balsamic reduction

Chocolate is just not for desserts!
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