Nov 20 2011

roasted squash and papaya soup

While dining at La Luna, a roof-top restaurant in Costa Rica, we discovered this tropical soup. What’s not to love about the fantastic food and stellar views offered to La Luna diners – as this restaurant is nestled in the magnificent coastal forests of Costa Rica which allow for 360 degree panoramic vistas of the Pacific coastline and surrounding rain forest of Manuel Antonio.

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Oct 29 2011

tom yam kung

Spicy Shrimp – Lemon Grass Soup

This is the most popular dish among newcomers to Thai food. You can add sliced fish, squid, and mussels to this hot and sour soup, perfect for winter.

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Oct 2 2011

ash-e reshteh

Ash-e reshteh is a traditional Persian noodle soup. ‘Ash-e’ means soup in Farsi and ‘reshteh’ are Persian noodles. The ingredients for this soup are available in Middle Eastern food shops.

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Jul 11 2011

chilled peach prosecco soup

Prosecco is an Italian white wine with a unique quality that lends a celebratory feel. It is often known as the main ingredient in a Bellini cocktail and has been gaining in popularity as a less expensive substitute for champagne.

For a great chilled summer soup add Prosecco to a fruit base of peaches, lemon, zest and ginger. Use an emersion blender to combine the flavors.

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