Jun 6 2012

iced tea brewing pitchers

Tea Forte

Taste iced teas as never before with this revolutionary tea-over-ice brewing system. Whole leaf teas are brewed hot and flash chilled in seconds to capture all the succulent fresh flavor and lock in the healthy antioxidants found in tea.
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Aug 30 2011

stylish entertaining

As featured today on News4 Midday (NBC Washington).

IL CONTE Olive Oil

Olive oil is the perfect complement to cooking hence the perfect gift for any host or hostess.

Showcasing captivating wine, olive oil and food from boutique Italian producers, IL PIOPPO brings true tastes of Italy to your table. This delightful oil adds authentic flavor to any of your culinary creations. Purchase this award winning artisan olive oil directly from the importer IL PIOPPO, at info@il-pioppo.com. Peruse the website www.il-pioppo.com to discover other gems from Italy.

BRIX Chocolate for Wine

Everyone brings a host/hostess a bottle of wine. Why not give them chocolate that has been crafted to specifically pair with wine?

BRIX Chocolate For Wine offers chocolates created to enhance suggested wine pairings. They have also crafted a chocolate to pair with champagne!

Stylish Entertaining was presented by Leigh MacDonald of nice shoes, a great bag, and no drama. Leigh’s website is devoted to beauty, fashion AND knowing that real beauty isn’t defined that way.

Jul 31 2011

m is for manuka

Think of New Zealand and what may come to mind are the words Maori and Middle Earth but how about Manuka honey?

Living in the USA, I had not heard of Manuka Honey until a few months ago. I was on the phone talking to a girlfriend in the UK, telling her about my 23 year old son’s stomach woes; he had been suffering with gurd and gastric issues – when she mentioned this honey. “What you need is Manuka honey” she said, “You can buy it at Costco”. She went on to tell me that a friend of hers “swore by the stuff”, claiming that taking a spoonful of Manuka honey a day had really helped with her gastric problems. (At this point I start hearing Mary Poppins singing “A Spoonful of Sugar” in my head!)
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Jul 31 2011

picture me cooking

Food was love when I was growing up. Dinner table discussion was mandatory and to refuse dessert was a personal affront. But more than food, meals were an excuse for the family to cook together in the kitchen. The memories of my mother patiently applauding my torn up, tough pie dough or crying with my father as we cut an onion still make me smile. We have precious few pictures but Picture Me Cooking fixes that for my young family.

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