May 19 2012


A rental home in Soliman Bay, Mexico. Wonderfully talented, husband and wife team, chefs. 10 days of relaxation and good food. One great flan recipe.

Thank you Louis and Marta.

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Jan 8 2012

la tourte de blettes

Muriel shares a classic French tart of the Riviera in France. The Chard tart (Tourte de Blettes) is a local specialty from Nice, in regional dialect, it is called:” Torta de Blea” and it can be served as a dessert or like an appetizer but it’s essentially a sweet dish.

You can eat this Tart lukewarm or cold and drink with this delicious dessert a sweet wine but of course as we say in French:” A consommer avec modération!”

Amitié from Paris dear Stephanie!!

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Oct 17 2011

apple almond tart

A fluted french tart pan with removable bottom is the best pan to use for making this apple almond tart.
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Jul 6 2011

oreo dessert

This is a throwback recipe from my Midwestern childhood. Yes, this dessert is make with Oreos but you would never guess (by tasting) that it also contains dates. I would occasionally request this dessert in lieu of birthday cake.

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