Laptop Lunches

Laptop Lunches:

– are eco-friendly (ideal for packing waste-free lunches)
– are convenient for packing fresh fruits and vegetables
– encourage portion control
– enhance food presentation
– allow for a balance of food groups

Mom Review: This eco-friendly lunchbox has many great compartments and three containers with lids. It has a nice niche that contains a fork and spoon. It also comes with a water bottle which fits nicely inside the case. Feel safe with this product, as it contains no phthalastes, BPA or lead.

Child Review: My daughter took the Laptop lunchbox to school to try it out. She reported that she liked the individual box compartments. She was also impressed with the water bottle because it was easy to add lemon or fresh mint to the bottle to create her own flavored water. She seems most excited about the shoulder strap because it was easy to carry to the lunch room “hands free.” Remember, she is in 1st grade!

Teacher Review: Tammi Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: I loved this lunchbox. I really liked all the little compartments – they are convenient dip containers – perfect for dipping vegetables and encouraging healthier eating. I love to see my students eating “clean” as opposed to prepackaged snacks. This is a great economical choice and I would use it for my own children!

Did you know…
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservations estimates that one student taking a disposable lunch to school every day will create 45-90 pounds of garbage per year?

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