This all-in-one Goodbyn lunchbox has some great features.

–       easy-to-open ears

–       built-in handle

–       5 food cubbies

–       water bottle

–       stickers for personalization

Mom Review: I love the fact that this lunchbox has one cubby large enough to hold a whole apple, banana or a yogurt cup.  This all-in-one lunchbox also has a built in handle used to transport your lunchbox to school, so no extra carrying case needed.

Child Review: My son picked the Goodbyn lunchbox as his first choice of carrying his lunch to school.  He spent at least an hour personalizing the lunchbox to make it his own by decorating it with stickers (stickers are included with the lunchbox).  He also added stickers to spell out his name on the water bottle that is included inside the lunchbox.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: This lunchbox is definitely appealing to younger students! Parents will appreciate the affordable price, and their children will enjoy decorating their lunch box with the hundreds of stickers that come with it. There are 5 compartments that can easily be filled with healthy snacks. This is a great alternative to a more traditional lunch box.

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