ultimate egg white omelet

2 Tablespoons of cream cheese

20 baby spinach leaves

2 slices of bacon, cooked and cut into bits

Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in 10-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat; add 2 or 3 egg whites.  As eggs starts to set, top omelet with cream cheese, spinach and bacon bits.  Fold omelet in half and continue to cook for another minute.  Slide onto a plate and serve.

You could also substitute the above ingredients for salmon, chives and cream cheese.

While visiting a good friend, Missy Davis, in Indiana last summer.  She whipped up some amazing meals. Amazing, not only because the food was yummy, but also because she is a busy mother of two twin boys. Thank you Missy for sharing your ultimate egg white omelet.

6 Responses to “ultimate egg white omelet”

  • Amy Sherman Says:

    I thought egg white omelets were to reduce fat, but if you add bacon and cream cheese that kind of defeats the purpose. Is there another reason why you eliminate the yolks? Just curious.

  • Stephanie Holguin Says:

    Good question, Amy. Omitting the egg yolk in this recipe certainly does not reduce the fat. In my opinion, omitting the egg yolk, rounds out the flavor combination of the ingredients used. I would love to hear your tasting feedback.

  • Missy Davis Says:

    The other thing that eliminating the yolks does is that it takes out a big portion of the colesterol. Egg whites are pure protein! This omlete is full of protein:)

  • Carol Hawkes Says:

    I am wondering if you beat the whites first or just put in pan and stir.

  • stephanie Says:

    Good question. I just whisked the egg whites in a bowl before adding them to the pan. This omelet is so good. Would love to hear your thoughts after you make it. Cheers!

  • Aileen Says:

    I adore this omelette! I made it for myself for lunch and it’s so satisfying! The flavors are a perfect match 😉 Thank you so much for your site! It’s a great find for all of us foodies!