PlanetBox Review

Mom Review: I fell in love with this cool-looking, eco-friendly lunch box made by PlanetBox. PlanetBox is a safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic and features five individual compartments to make it easy to pack health, well proportioned lunches for kids. The front of the PlanetBox can be personalized with magnets – they have seven styles to choose from. The inside of the carrying case is fitted with a mesh pouch perfect for holding a cold pack and for holding utensils.

Child Review: My daughter tried this lunch box at school and came home to report that the PlanetBox was “brilliant.” She wanted to know what other “stylish” magnets they sold so she could customize it to fit her style. Did I mention she is in 1st grade?

Click on the images below to view just a few of the magnet options available for personalization of your PlanetBox.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: I had a chance to check out the PlanetBox. It looks neat! I think kids would love the magnets, but I can also see them getting lost or even taken, due to the “cool” factor! I like how the PlanetBox came with different sections to hold each food item – a good way to save on plastic baggies and containers. And it looks like it would clean easily with a damp cloth or sponge, so I think it’s a neat lunch box choice!

Caroline and Robert Miros are the creators of PlanetBox. Robert is an engineer who has designed consumer and medical products for the past 15 years. Caroline has worked extensively on children’s health education and environmental programs. They both share a passion for promoting the health of our children and our planet. And they both pack their fair share of lunches! They live in Northern California with their 2 daughters/product testers and 4 chickens.

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3 Responses to “PlanetBox”

  • Meg Says:

    I really like this lunch box, but I wonder how it does with leaking? Did you try anything liquid, like yogurt?

  • stephanie Says:

    Great question Meg. The PlanetBox has two small stainless steel (round) containers with lids that fit with a rubber seal. I think yogurt would work in the larger round container. I did not test yogurt but I tried hummus in the smaller container without any problems.

  • Sharon Says:

    I have a PlanetBox for school lunches for my almost-3rd-grade boys, and we love it! Until now, they’ve alternated days using it (and the other gets a regular lunchbox), and each boy always want to be the one who gets the PlanetBox! (I’m going to buy a 2nd one before Sept… I waited because they’re pricey, and I wanted to make sure we used it, but I’ve found it’s totally worth it). The big positive is that because it has about 6 compartments, it sort of forces you to pack a variety of foods in your child’s lunchbox. When they open it up, it looks beautiful and tres appetizing, and even my picky eater will eat everything I pack in it. Clean-up is easy too. Only real down-side is that you can’t pack hot foods, so I still have my thermos bowls for days when I want to send warm pasta or whatever. Highly recommend!