lunchbox ‘love notes’

We all need reminders that we’re loved. Or that we’re special. Or that someone’s thinking of us. Since children are no exception, parents should be happy to learn about a fun and easy way to give their children midday reminders that they’re oh-so-loved. Meet Lunch Box Notes!

When you drop one of these sweet cards into your child’s lunch box, you’ll send him off to school knowing that when he sits down to lunch, he’ll find a subtle reminder that he’s loved and pretty fantastic.

Each volume of Lunch Box Notes comes with a collection of small cards carrying short and simple, yet meaningful, messages. They’re perfectly-sized for lunch boxes, of course. And . . . on the days that you skip packed lunches, Lunch Box Notes will still be perfect. In fact, I can’t wait to slip one into the binding of my daughter’s composite book. Or my son’s homework folder. Where will you hide yours?

View all the Lunch Box Notes available through Say Please.

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  • Amy Says:

    I post new free printable lunch notes on my website every day – – I hope you enjoy them : )