sechuan button

We were asked to talk about a little, edible flower bud, that we sell, called the Sechuan Button; and to describe what it is like to eat one.

Our candied Sechuan Button will impart a physical sensation through-out your mouth. We are dubbing it “Nature’s Pop-Rocks”, after the popular 1970’s candy craze, because it sorta feels like that, but the sensation lasts a whole lot longer…10 minutes longer! It feels like you are holding a mouthful of champagne, only way more intense! Then along with the physical sensations, this candied flower will actually change in taste from sweet, to sour, to spicy, to clean and refreshing. This tiny flower will have you asking yourself: “Did I just lick Willy Wonka’s Wall? Because my tongue is, definitely, on a sleigh ride”!

This candied, crystallized flower can be paired with wine, chocolate, or spicy food. It will float effortlessly on top of any beverage and adds a special zing to sorbets and pastries. We promote the Sechuan Button as a palate cleansing flower.

The Sechuan Button was introduced to the United States several years ago and is native to South America. It is cultivated in Asia, as well as India, and now in the United States. The Sechuan Button gets its curious tingling and numbing sensation from the plants active agent spilanthol, a taste-active alkylamide. The Spilanthes aids in saliva stimulation and has anti-bacterial properties making it perfect as a palate cleanser!

Our company, the Crystallized Flower Company, actually turns naturally grown flowers (yes, from dirt) into candy. These flowers are then used on wedding cakes, pastries, chocolates or any creative food presentation desiring distinction. Our company offers the largest selection of Crystallized Flowers in the world. Our company’s goal is to make eating flowers vogue again!

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