Cocoa’s texture is powder-like and very light. It has very strong earth tone flavors. Cocoa is not bitter and it’s not sweet. I think it has a very unique and interesting flavor.


Cocoa is great for rubs. It blends well with similar flavor profiles such as finely ground coffee, mushroom powder, and chillis. Cocoa can also be used in sauces and dressings (just make sure it is very well incorporated and doesn’t clump together). Cocoa is very messy to work with.

Ken Gladysz is the executive chef of The Hotel Hershey, which was awarded Restaurants & Institutions coveted Ivy Award in 2010. This well-deserved honor recognizes Gladysz and his staff as professionals who are driven by providing quality and excellence. In 2011, Gladysz was named “Chef of the Year” by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Culinary Federation.

Gladysz believes that chocolate is a great ingredient. Because almost everyone associates it with sweets, he enjoys the creativity of taking chocolate and chocolate products and incorporating them into savory dishes.

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