Fiorella Pizzeria e Caffé

Grand Opening Weekend in Maryland’s National Harbor

It’s all about pizza and Italy at Fiorella Pizzeria e Caffé located in the National Harbor Plaza. Fiorella offers over 30 artisanal thin-crust pizzas in a restaurant where the entire dining area was built in Italy. The walls, booths, tables, chairs, light fixtures, art and sculptures were built in La Spezia, Italy. Once everything arrived on site at National Harbor, a team of highly skilled Italian craftsmen, carpenters and masons (who have never before been to America) arrived to do the installation.

A statue of Bacchus (god of the grape harvest, winemaking, wine, ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology) riding a tortoise from which water flows through its mouth into a marble bowl is featured next to the pizza kitchen in the dining room. House-made mozzarella floats in marble bowl.

Roman styled pizza menu includes the most traditional along with the healthiest of healthy pizzas, both vegan and vegetarian, offered with whole wheat crusts. Cured meats, house-made sausages, imported and house-made cheeses and fresh shellfish also adorn the pizzas.

A seductive selection of ‘sexy wines’ and international beers are available for dining at the restaurant as well as take-out and delivery (within National Harbor only).

Outdoor seating in available in front of the restaurant where guests can enjoy their pizzas along with views of the Potomac River.

Source: Linda Roth Associates, Inc.

Fiorella’s Pizzeria e Caffé
152 National Plaza
National Harbor, MD 20745

3 Responses to “Fiorella Pizzeria e Caffé”

  • David H. Says:

    I rarely write reviews of restaurants, but after eating at Fiorella over the Memorial Day weekend and seeing the bill, I felt compelled to write. Even by D.C. and National Harbor standards, this restaurant is way over priced. For three average thin crust pizzas, salad, and non-alcoholic drinks, the bill came to over $100! Eating out in the D.C. area, as my wife and I do often, I never recall a meal that was so completely over-priced for the value. In addition, our waiter was constantly trying to convince us how “great’ our pizza was almost every time he came to the table. I can decide for myself whether I am satisfied with my meal and do not need the wait staff to market the food while I am eating. Not the worst experience, but unless the prize changes immensely, I do not plan to go back.

  • Tati Says:

    totally agree with David H.
    i don’t know how long they are planning on staying in business, but whoever dines there once will deffenetly NOT coming back!!!
    the worst pizza ever…bad service…overpriced ( for a shrimp scampi pizza which is burnt pitta bread with some basil, 2 slices of tomatoes and 5 shrimps (not even joking!!) they charge $32.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for 5 pizzas they charged us $135.00…even for a tab water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DON”T RECOMMEND the experience i had with my family to anybody!!!!

  • hickman Says:

    This was probably the worst experience in my life so overpriced the food is horible the service even worst the management is really bad let me put it this way there’s no managers but a scam artists i would really looking to it before i step a foot into this establishement and when you order their most expensive seafood pizza you get 5 shrimps on top of i would call apiece of pitta bread with bacon.I will never ever go back.