salmon pate

Martine, from France, shares her salmon pate recipe. Please note that European recipes are measured by weight, rather than volume.

500 g fresh salmon (about 3 blocks)
3 eggs
20 cl cream
150 gr of smoked salmon + 150 gr for decoration
1 lemon + 1 lemon pure decoration
1 bunch chives for garnish
1 tomato for garnish
1 knob of butter (for pan)
salt and pepper

1) Place in the bowl, mix the salmon steaks, eggs, whipping cream, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
2) Chop coarsely.
3) In a buttered cake pan pour half of the preparation.
4) Remove the pieces of smoked salmon.
5) Add the rest of the preparation.
6) Place aluminum foil on top.
7) Place in a baking pan with water starts to cook for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.
8) Allow to cool.
9) Turn out onto a serving platter place the remaining salmon slices to completely cover the terrine.
10) Decorate according to your idea with lemon, chives and tomato ..
Enjoy it ..

Martine Delaye hails from France and has been passionate about cooking since her childhood. She credits her two grandmothers: one Alsatian grandmother and one Italian grandmother. Martine has followed her passion for cooking for a long time which has including culinary training. Her greatest gift is to satisfy friends and family, both in the presentation and in taste. She likes to be innovate while remaining within the traditional methods of cooking.

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