picture me cooking

Food was love when I was growing up. Dinner table discussion was mandatory and to refuse dessert was a personal affront. But more than food, meals were an excuse for the family to cook together in the kitchen. The memories of my mother patiently applauding my torn up, tough pie dough or crying with my father as we cut an onion still make me smile. We have precious few pictures but Picture Me Cooking fixes that for my young family.

Part cookbook, part scrapbook, and part memory keeper, Picture me cooking gets even the youngest ones of the family into the cooking act with imaginative recipes, big, bright pictures, and clear instructions about when to use a Cooking Buddy to help with anything that involves knives or heat. Each recipe also has a photo sleeve so each masterpiece can be captured on film and celebrated in the future.

The recipes emphasize creativity, fun names, and customization. French Toast kabobs turn basic breakfast into finger food, tuna burgers are rechristened “Shark Bites,” and kids choose their own decorative toppings for Ice Cream Pie. Most pages also feature a fun fact such as the number of peanuts it takes to make a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter. In case you were wondering: 550.

Most importantly to me, the back part of the book features several pages to pencil in your own family recipes. It’s a tough call on which recipes I will put in but suspect I will aim for whatever is messiest.

This product was reviewed by Nicole Kirkwood-Cisz. Nicole is a busy new mother with over a decade of experience messing up her kitchen. What she utterly lacks in culinary technique, she makes up with a passionate love of exploring new flavors, foods, and restaurants. She can’t wait to start traveling with her newborn so she can introduce him to some of the wonders of the world: street samosas in Pakistan, fresh mangosteen in Thailand or the comfort of mom’s meatloaf in the kitchen. Visit Nicole’s blog Vino Momma.

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