Jul 11 2011

chilled peach prosecco soup

Prosecco is an Italian white wine with a unique quality that lends a celebratory feel. It is often known as the main ingredient in a Bellini cocktail and has been gaining in popularity as a less expensive substitute for champagne.

For a great chilled summer soup add Prosecco to a fruit base of peaches, lemon, zest and ginger. Use an emersion blender to combine the flavors.

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Jul 6 2011

oreo dessert

This is a throwback recipe from my Midwestern childhood. Yes, this dessert is make with Oreos but you would never guess (by tasting) that it also contains dates. I would occasionally request this dessert in lieu of birthday cake.

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Jul 4 2011

macédoine of fruit

Macédoine of fruit is oh-so-French, but this fruit-cocktail dessert is also common throughout Spain, Italy, and Latin America.

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Jun 28 2011

casanel vineyards

A recent weekday visit to Casanel Vineyards revealed a busy afternoon for this local Leesburg winery. A group of Leesburg moms were taking a break from their normal routine to enjoy a beautiful afternoon of wine tasting and lunch with girlfriends.

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