Jun 13 2011

beer, pretzel, & chocolate

Truffle Truffle has taken chocolate to a whole new level with their beer & pretzel inspired collection of handmade truffles, caramels, marshmallows, and brittle. The sweet and saltiness of pretzels combined with the intense flavor provided by a reduction of Rogue Chocolate Stout beer…need we say more?

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Jun 12 2011

hickory syrup

“Want a taste?” Joyce and Travis Miller tempted passersby with a promise to try something completely new. Their Wildwood’s Hickory Syrup delivers: filling my mouth with comforting wisps of smoky sweetness. One velvety sip left me looking for the nearest cozy chair and a spare spoon.

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Jun 11 2011

frangelico affogato

Ice cream “drowned” in espresso and Frangelico liqueur.

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Jun 7 2011

star anise


Star anise is much much more then the “licorice” label its been given. It has a more sensual aromatic smoky sweet aroma that is penetrating when used in sweet infusions and is also a powerful flavor booster in savory applications. Its strengths are many and its weaknesses are few. If used correctly, it can be a real trick up the sleeve and a true friend in a pinch. I find I am using star anise more and more for cooking meat, especially with long braises of tougher cuts. I even use it with wood chips for its amazing coffee like smoke! Use it all the time, and treat it like gold!
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