Jun 7 2011

extra day added to farmer’s market

LEESBURG – Shop Fresh & Local at the Leesburg Wednesday Farmers Market!

No spare time on the weekends? Wish you could shop a Farmers Market during the week? Now on Wednesdays, you can shop for fresh and local produce, meats, wine, salsa, dog treats and baked goods at the Leesburg Wednesday Farmers Market 3pm-6pm!
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Jun 4 2011

IL CONTE olive oil

Italy is full of wonderful olive oil, so what made IL CONTE olio so special? Our response would simply be that we have never tasted olive oil with so much flavor! We also fell in love with the father and son IL CONTE team we met at the SOL trade show in Verona, Italy five years ago. However, the clincher was seeing the olive groves and getting to know the whole family, including their horse, and understanding the history of this wonderful little FRANTOIO.
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May 31 2011

pizzeria moto

Pizzeria Moto owner, Jay Clement, is making some seriously good pies. Superb wood fired oven pizzas made fresh on location from a mobile brick oven. What more could you ask for?

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May 29 2011

you are what you eat

-by Sue Ann Gleason, Culinary Nutritionist

Did you know your skin is a window into your digestive health?

I picked up a magazine this morning. In it was a very clever ad: Reform School for Aging Skin: Reducing the Signs of Aging through the Science of Cellular Water. Now the marketing strategist in me wanted to nab that title for a teleclass or workshop, but the magazine was promoting a skincare product. I added the advertisement to my “bunk” pile, saddened by thoughts of all the women who will run right out and purchase that sixty-dollar promise in a BP-laden bottle, but scoff at the idea of paying more for organic produce. You see, glowing skin is an inside out affair. If you have a healthy gut, you’ll have healthy skin. If your diet is high in water-rich, chemical-free foods, you’ll reap the rewards in glowing skin.

Traditional societies across the globe have some culinary tradition of fermentation handed down, parent-to-child, for thousands of years prior to refrigeration. Japanese miso, Bulgarian yogurt, Polish sauerkraut, Indian lassi, and Korean kim-chee. Fermented beets feature widely in the culinary traditions of eastern Europe with dishes like rossel and tonics like beat kvass. Earthy, salty pickled eggplant graced the shelves of my grandmother’s pantry.

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