Aug 30 2011

stylish entertaining

As featured today on News4 Midday (NBC Washington).

IL CONTE Olive Oil

Olive oil is the perfect complement to cooking hence the perfect gift for any host or hostess.

Showcasing captivating wine, olive oil and food from boutique Italian producers, IL PIOPPO brings true tastes of Italy to your table. This delightful oil adds authentic flavor to any of your culinary creations. Purchase this award winning artisan olive oil directly from the importer IL PIOPPO, at Peruse the website to discover other gems from Italy.

BRIX Chocolate for Wine

Everyone brings a host/hostess a bottle of wine. Why not give them chocolate that has been crafted to specifically pair with wine?

BRIX Chocolate For Wine offers chocolates created to enhance suggested wine pairings. They have also crafted a chocolate to pair with champagne!

Stylish Entertaining was presented by Leigh MacDonald of nice shoes, a great bag, and no drama. Leigh’s website is devoted to beauty, fashion AND knowing that real beauty isn’t defined that way.

Aug 26 2011

crab & horseradish spread

There’s nothing more “Chesapeake” than the Bay’s signature crustacean, the blue crab. Foodie-isms was honored when asked to contribute a crab recipe to the forthcoming cookbook: Chesapeake Bay: Crabs. This hard back cookbook contains 123 recipes (including a crab creme brulee dessert) and is due to be released September 30th, 2011.

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Aug 24 2011

salmon pate

Martine, from France, shares her salmon pate recipe. Please note that European recipes are measured by weight, rather than volume.

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Aug 16 2011

love what you eat

Love What You Eat
By Sue Ann Gleason, Culinary Nutritionist

Remember when you were little and your mom said, “Stop playing with your food.” You’d be making mashed potato mountains and the peas were tiny soldiers ready to roll down the mountain and pummel the approaching carrots. If you grew up in the 50s that was about the only thing you’d want to do with peas and carrots. Peas and carrots came in a can. Those little gems were the mushiest, squishiest things on the planet. No wonder most American children grew up hating vegetables.
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