Jan 13 2011

Valerie Waters: celebrity trainer

I just got off a web chat with Valerie Waters: Hollywood Celebrity Trainer.

Tonight’s discussion involved mostly exercise related questions and issues but I wanted to share a few of the food related tips I received from Valerie.

Valerie follows a whole foods diet with lean protein sources and fat combined with each meal. She strongly believes you must start the day with breakfast. If you are not a ‘big eater’ in the morning then she suggests that you at least have a smoothie.

She will start her morning meal off with one of three different options:

1. eggs loaded w/vegetables (1 whole egg with a few additional egg whites)
2. real oatmeal w/chocolate hemp protein powder or rice protein powder
3. smoothie w/Ezekial toast and almond butter

Valerie’s preferred sources of carbohydrates would include the following: quinoa, beans and lentils.

I was invited to attend tonight’s web chat by California Raisins. California Raisins has offered Foodie-isms fans a chance to win a California Raisin swag bag that includes raisin snack packs, a California Raisin plush toy, healthy recipe inspirations, a pair of Valslides and other tools to help you get fit in 2011. Stay tuned for details on how to enter.