Jun 6 2012

iced tea brewing pitchers

Tea Forte

Taste iced teas as never before with this revolutionary tea-over-ice brewing system. Whole leaf teas are brewed hot and flash chilled in seconds to capture all the succulent fresh flavor and lock in the healthy antioxidants found in tea.
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Dec 27 2010

bottled tranquility

Bottled tranquility? Is it true?

I could not wait to find out. As soon as I received my bottle of Tranquility w/Chamomile + Passionflower made by Pure Inventions – I heated 7oz. of water in my teacup and added a dropper full of the calming elixir. I was instantly transformed by the warm taste of honey…

Pure Inventions is a revolutionary line of liquid extracts that can be added to hot or cold water for an instant iced or hot tea. Developed by nutritionists, this unique line of liquid extracts turns ordinary water into something more – all without calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine or preservatives. One bottle is said to have 60 servings.

Mar 26 2010

iced tea

Brewing your own iced tea at home is easy. I brew a pitcher almost every day. When friends come to visit they know I will always have ice tea available.  In fact, many of my friends love my iced tea so much they have now purchased their own Iced Tea Pot by Mr. Coffee.

I have tried many different brands of loose tea. My current favorite flavor is Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf tea company. It has great flavor and is only lightly caffeinated.

I use 2 tablespoons of Green Tea Tropical loose tea for this method.

You can order the Green Tea Tropical tea and the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot from my website.  You will find it under “favorite foodie finds” – located at the top of this website.