Sep 10 2010

friday’s lunchbox idea

-Rice with Kirby Black Beans and Chopped Onion
-Multi-Grain Tortillas: whole grain white corn, oats, buckwheat & barley
-Real Fruit Bites (mango chunks) by Dole, w/Yogurt and Whole Grain Oats
-String Cheese
-Fruitable (fruit & vegetable drink) by Apple & Eve

Tip #5 Reduce the amount of plastic bags used by purchasing containers with compartments, which negates the use and waste of plastic bags.

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Aug 8 2010


Eco-friendly and reusable means saving money and the environment.

Mom Review:
The LunchBots Duo was a perfect addition to my lunch packing essentials since my children have a more traditional lunchbox . It is ideal for saving on plastic bags to pack lunches and snacks. It has a handy divider for making packing easier.

Child Review: My daughter said she loved this container. She thought it was neat because you could put separate food items into the same container and they stayed separated.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: LunchBots Duo is a convenient accessory to add to a child’s lunch box. It’s a perfect size for snacks and will easily fit into any lunchbox. I like that it is eco-friendly and made from stainless steel.

To learn more about LunchBots here.

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