Aug 8 2010


Eco-friendly and reusable means saving money and the environment.

Mom Review:
The LunchBots Duo was a perfect addition to my lunch packing essentials since my children have a more traditional lunchbox . It is ideal for saving on plastic bags to pack lunches and snacks. It has a handy divider for making packing easier.

Child Review: My daughter said she loved this container. She thought it was neat because you could put separate food items into the same container and they stayed separated.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: LunchBots Duo is a convenient accessory to add to a child’s lunch box. It’s a perfect size for snacks and will easily fit into any lunchbox. I like that it is eco-friendly and made from stainless steel.

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Jul 31 2010


This all-in-one Goodbyn lunchbox has some great features.

–       easy-to-open ears

–       built-in handle

–       5 food cubbies

–       water bottle

–       stickers for personalization

Mom Review: I love the fact that this lunchbox has one cubby large enough to hold a whole apple, banana or a yogurt cup.  This all-in-one lunchbox also has a built in handle used to transport your lunchbox to school, so no extra carrying case needed.

Child Review: My son picked the Goodbyn lunchbox as his first choice of carrying his lunch to school.  He spent at least an hour personalizing the lunchbox to make it his own by decorating it with stickers (stickers are included with the lunchbox).  He also added stickers to spell out his name on the water bottle that is included inside the lunchbox.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: This lunchbox is definitely appealing to younger students! Parents will appreciate the affordable price, and their children will enjoy decorating their lunch box with the hundreds of stickers that come with it. There are 5 compartments that can easily be filled with healthy snacks. This is a great alternative to a more traditional lunch box.

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Jul 24 2010

Laptop Lunches

Laptop Lunches:

– are eco-friendly (ideal for packing waste-free lunches)
– are convenient for packing fresh fruits and vegetables
– encourage portion control
– enhance food presentation
– allow for a balance of food groups

Mom Review: This eco-friendly lunchbox has many great compartments and three containers with lids. It has a nice niche that contains a fork and spoon. It also comes with a water bottle which fits nicely inside the case. Feel safe with this product, as it contains no phthalastes, BPA or lead.

Child Review: My daughter took the Laptop lunchbox to school to try it out. She reported that she liked the individual box compartments. She was also impressed with the water bottle because it was easy to add lemon or fresh mint to the bottle to create her own flavored water. She seems most excited about the shoulder strap because it was easy to carry to the lunch room “hands free.” Remember, she is in 1st grade!

Teacher Review: Tammi Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: I loved this lunchbox. I really liked all the little compartments – they are convenient dip containers – perfect for dipping vegetables and encouraging healthier eating. I love to see my students eating “clean” as opposed to prepackaged snacks. This is a great economical choice and I would use it for my own children!

Did you know…
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservations estimates that one student taking a disposable lunch to school every day will create 45-90 pounds of garbage per year?

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Jul 17 2010


PlanetBox Review

Mom Review: I fell in love with this cool-looking, eco-friendly lunch box made by PlanetBox. PlanetBox is a safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic and features five individual compartments to make it easy to pack health, well proportioned lunches for kids. The front of the PlanetBox can be personalized with magnets – they have seven styles to choose from. The inside of the carrying case is fitted with a mesh pouch perfect for holding a cold pack and for holding utensils.

Child Review: My daughter tried this lunch box at school and came home to report that the PlanetBox was “brilliant.” She wanted to know what other “stylish” magnets they sold so she could customize it to fit her style. Did I mention she is in 1st grade?

Click on the images below to view just a few of the magnet options available for personalization of your PlanetBox.

Teacher Review: Tammy Mydlinski, 1st Grade Teacher, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary: I had a chance to check out the PlanetBox. It looks neat! I think kids would love the magnets, but I can also see them getting lost or even taken, due to the “cool” factor! I like how the PlanetBox came with different sections to hold each food item – a good way to save on plastic baggies and containers. And it looks like it would clean easily with a damp cloth or sponge, so I think it’s a neat lunch box choice!

Caroline and Robert Miros are the creators of PlanetBox. Robert is an engineer who has designed consumer and medical products for the past 15 years. Caroline has worked extensively on children’s health education and environmental programs. They both share a passion for promoting the health of our children and our planet. And they both pack their fair share of lunches! They live in Northern California with their 2 daughters/product testers and 4 chickens.

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